The Opole Open-Air Museum of Rural Architecture is the only open-air museum located in the Opole Voivodeship, and one of only four such museums located within the historical boundaries of Silesia.  During its almost 50 years of existence the Museum has amassed a rich collection of historic wooden architecture from the Opolan Silesia region, which – in connection with the Museum’s wide array of attractions, such as outdoor events, exhibitions, competitions, and shows – makes it one of the region’s most unique attractions.  Proof of this can be found in the tens of thousands of people who visit the Museum each year, as well as the many words of appreciation and positive opinions expressed, as well as by the recognition of experts engaged in historic preservation and the documentation and popularization of folk culture.

We hope that the Museum’s website will satisfy your curiosity and expectations, and that the information available will allow you to become well acquainted with the Museum and the folk culture of the Opolan Silesia region.  We also hope that the web site will inspire you to view our exhibits in person by visiting the Museum – we cordially invite you!!!

The Director and Staff of the Opole Open-Air Museum of Rural Architecture.