Privacy Policy

Protection of Privacy

The Opole Open-Air Museum of Rural Architecture (MRA) fully respects Users’ right to privacy and to the protection of their personal information.  The purpose of the MRA is to provide access to the greatest amount of information and services that may be obtained/provided on the MRA website, while minimally interfering in Users privacy.  The MRA hereby warns that in the event that Users choose to take advantage of certain products, services, or newsletters offered through the MRA webpage, they will be asked to provide certain personal information, which shall be stored and used by the MRA in accordance with the regulations laid out below.

The MRA does not sell or give third persons access to Clients’/Users’ personal or contact information obtained from the webpage:

If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy, please do not make use of any services, products, or newsletters, which require you to provide certain personal information.

Personal Information

While making use of the MRA’s website you may be asked to provide certain personal information – by filling out a form, or in another form.  The information you will be asked to provide is in most cases restricted to your first name, last name, and email address.  In case of making an order you will be asked to provide your full personal information.  We require only information that is required for the realization of a given activity.  Not providing the required information will result in the cancelling of the activity which the information related to.

The Protection of Personal Information

The administrator of the information collected by forms available on the MRA’s website is the MRA, unless the regulations directly attached to the form state otherwise.  The User has the right to view and alter their personal information, as well as to request that the MRA stop using their personal information, with the exception of cases in which such necessary is necessary to provide a certain service – in such cases such a request will be equal to a request to terminate a contract for the provision of services by the MRA.

Guaranteeing the User’s Right to Choose

All Users of the MRA’s website have to the right to choose which information they wish to provide us with.  In each situation where the User will choose not to provide us with such information they may choose to resign from taking part in the activities/services of our website that require one to provide such information.

Subscriptions to Free Magazines, Courses, Advice, and Newsletters 

Subscribing to free electronic newsletters

Subscribing to free electronic newsletters belonging to the MRA requires one to provide in the appropriate form one’s first and last names, and email address.  Filling in these fields is mandatory.  The information obtained in such a manner are added to the mailing list.  An email address is necessary in order to send a given User a newsletter, magazine, course, advice.  Your first and last names allow us to address our Users personally.

Unforeseen Messages

The MRA reserves the right to send unforeseen messages to those whose contact information it has and who agree with our Privacy Policy.  By the term unforeseen mesagges the MWO means information directly relating to its webpages, newsletters, magazines, services, products (for example changes, internal promotions), and non-commercial messages (for example greetings, wishes, personal messages, etc.).

Overt Personal Information

Personal information found on the pages belonging to the MRA while sending comments to articles, giving advice and news, writing forum responses, and signing the guestbook, etc. are publicly available to all who visit the pages containing such data.  The MRA does not have the ability to protect You from private persons or companies which choose to use such information to send You indeterminate information.  That is why such information is not covered by the Privacy Policy.  If you do not wish for anyone to use your email address – do not list it while writing comments to articles, writing on the forum, or signing the guestbook.


Certain parts of the website belonging to the MRA may require the use of cookies, or small text files send to the users computer that identify them in a way that facilitates the completion or termination of a given process.  Cookies are neither harmful to your computer nor the user and his/her personal information.  The condition for allowing cookies is their being accepted by the web browser, and not removing them from your drive.


The Privacy Policy does not cover the websites and companies whose contact information is given on the MRA’s webpage.  In the event of using the MRA to gain access to information provided by other entities, providing personal information to such entities occurrs at the User’s own risk.  Such situations are not covered by the following Privacy Policy.